CBD Solutions Ireland

CBD Solutions Ireland provide a unique blend of CDB oils, sprays, e liquids, terpenes, crystals and capsules that hold the finest purity of cannabidiol organic natural extract in ireland. Our love hemp product is sourced and extracted from raw organic hemp within the EU and USA and are within the 0.2% THC limits of European regulations. Samples are tested and verified under strict laboratory conditions using HPLC analysis (high performance liquid chromatography).

We aim to deliver a unique high quality CBD extract to all our customers and our love hemp products can deliver a wellbeing of health through Mind Body and Spirit. Easy to incorporate them into your own daily and dietary rules for an alternative, contemporary take on wellbeing. Whether to relax or remedy – or better still, both.

What are hemp oils and CBD oils?

A number of products with names such as hemp oil, hemp seed oil, cannabidiol oil, CBD oil or CBD hemp oil recently entered the Irish market. These products are derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). They are typically marketed as food supplements (or dietary supplements) in liquid or capsule form.

Oil is obtained from the hemp plant by cold-pressing the seeds or other parts of the hemp plant. This oil naturally contains low levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound. CBD can also be chemically extracted from hemp to produce products with a higher CBD content.